Application Process Road Map:

We have a very strict and transparent application process to help all potential candidates have a clear picture of what awaits them before joining our team. Usually, the whole process takes between 3 and 4 weeks.


Send us your CV and prove your expertise to make us kick our desks from excitement to meet you!

Wait for Our Call

We review all application and respond to them within 3 days, contacting all approved candidates via the phone.

Get Invited to an Interview

We invite all approved candidates for an interview to meet and greet them. Usually, we do this during the phone screening.

First Interview

Meet us, get a first-hand glance at our company culture and your future management, and impress us with your expertise. We contact all candidates within 3 days to tell them whether they’ve passed the interview.

Technical Test

For positions that allow it, all candidates that have passed the first interview make a technical test to show us what they can bring to the fight for a secure mobile world.

Second Interview

Within 3-4 days we’ll contact you to come for a final interview to get you introduced to the company and your team and discuss your future position.


We’ll give you a final offer within 3 to 4 days.

Join the Team

Become a part of the team securing the tomorrow and challenge the world as we know it!